Welcome to Bike AU

Borrow a bike, absolutely FREE! Ride to work, to the store, to get some exercise, or just to explore the city! The DC metro area, rich with scenic and convenient bike paths, is easily traveled by bicycle. Save money on SmarTrip, and discover a healthy, clean, and fun method of getting around the city.

AUSG Bikes at Washington Monument








Borrow a bike for up to six hours, or longer if you have a job or an internship.

Sign up today!

Directions for Signing Up

1.) Go to au.agilefleet.com

2.) Click “sign up now” on the bottom lefthand corner

3.) Fill out the required portions of the form and submit it

4.) Fill out the Bike Safety Waiver, which can be found here or on the sign-up page. If you don’t fill out and send in the waiver, your account WILL NOT be approved!

5.) Email the completed waiver to bikes@ausg.org OR Drop off the completed Bike Safety Waiver in the return bin on MGC 2 across from the Center for Community Engagement and Service

Instructions for Reservations, Keybox, and Lockers

To make a reservation

1.) Log into your au.agilefleet.com account

2.) Go to “make a reservation” on the left side bar

3.) You can specify how long you will use the bike. We prefer that bikes be used for a maximum of six hours, unless you have a job or internship. If you do, please write “job” or “internship” in the comments field. If you have any other reason why you may need the bike for more than six hours, let us know in the comments section. Your request will likely be approved unless there is high demand.

3.) Submit completed reservation.


Once your reservation is approved (you’ll get an email)

1.) Login to the MGC 2nd floor lockbox across from the Center for Community Service and Engagement desk (use same user name and password as au.agilefleet.com site)

2.) Open the box once the green light goes on

3.) Take your keys out of the box (your keys will be marked with green light)

3.) Take your bike out from its locker under the Anderson bridge, near the Southside Shuttle Stop (use the rounded key to open the box; the box number will match the bike number you were assigned)

4.) Return the bikes and keys when finished!

In case of locker or box return difficulties

1.) Make sure that the bike is in a secure place; if the box won’t open to return the bike, lock it up outside or keep it in your room until you can get assistance

2.) Email bikes@ausg.org with the problem AND come find an AUSG representative to help you. For immediate help, call the number on the lockbox.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding an AUSG bike.
  • When riding at night, use the front headlamp and rear headlamp, if equipped. If the bike you’re using does not have at least a working headlamp, DO NOT RIDE AT NIGHT! Please let Bike AU know if your light doesn’t work by emailing bikes@ausg.org.
  • If you experience any problems with the bike while using it, email bikes@ausg.org a description of the issue. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.
  • Obey all traffic laws and signs designating where cycling is allowed or prohibited.
  • Please return the bikes on time. Repeated or excessive lateness may result in suspension or termination of Bike AU access.
  • Willful abuse of the bikes will result in a loss of access to the program.